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Lilliaath / Sep 03, 2018
Hi All,

By now, you should all now be pretty darn close to, if not already meeting, the minimum requirements we set for raiding:
  • 345+ ilvl - fully gemmed and enchanted
  • Neck @20+
If you are not super close to these requirements - expect to hear from an officer shortly if you haven't already.

Boss strategies will always be linked under the Strategies link under the important links section of the site

This forum post will be updated to include links to new boss fights as required. It is a requirement that you have researched boss fights to come to raid. A lot of effort has been put into creating these boss fight threads, they take 5 to 10 minutes each to read - don't be lazy.

A reminder that all unused loot on any guild run (Mon, Wed & Thurs until further notice), including raid BOES, will go to the guild to be distributed through loot council or be sold for guild resources.

I will be updating the guild rules section to reflect changes in loot etc.

Looking forward to raiding!




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