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General April 18th, 2017

Use of the guild website is not optional.


If it could be considered dishonest, unethical, against T&C’s or just plain nasty – don’t do it!

Repeated negative or antisocial behaviour in game (both during raid and to those external to the guild) will result in removal from the guild.

This can include things like:

  • Abuse, bullying, harassment, spamming, excessive insults and excessive swearing
  • Talking about the guild in a derogatory or defamatory way
  • Stealing, intentionally ripping off other players or begging
  • Instigating or fostering drama/conflict within the guild or any public channels
  • Continuing negative behaviour after you have been asked to stop
Manage or resolve any conflict

We don’t have to love one another all the time, but we will treat each other with respect. This means swallowing your pride and resolving your own problems in a civilised manner. If the matter cannot be resolved then ask an officer for assistance. If you see something that an officer should know about, please provide screenshots and text logs.

Accepting feedback and continual performance improvement

Ongoing performance improvement is critical to the continued success of the guild. Both self-analysis and acting on feedback provided by your peers/officers are important in gaining future performance improvement. When you receive feedback, assume someone is trying to help you and the guild succeed rather than point out your failures. When you give feedback to others, make it constructive.

Raiding April 18th, 2017
  • Boss ModDBM, ElvUI or similar
  • Exorsus Raid Toolswith notes enabled
  • EPGP Loot MasterNo addon no loot. More on this below.
  • Threat meteror similar
  • Best in Slotfor managing loot lists
  • Discord and Mic
  • Stable Internet Connectionor a backup solution where there are ongoing issues with your service
  • Computer Hardwareadequate hardware for raiding on mid-range settings
Raid Management
  • Sign-Upsand invites are managed though the in game calendar. Accept invitations to enable easy invites.
  • Any AFK'sshould be posted on the forums at the earliest opportunity then reflected in the in game calendar.
  • No-Shows-are unacceptablePlease advise if you are unable to attend in order to maintain your raiding position. Use the shoutbox, ingame mail, discord or get someone to pass on a message if something changes (Val probably has you on Facebook, tell him).
  • Cancellationsgenerally never occur, but as much notice will be given as possible.
  • Attendanceis tracked. 80%+ attendance is expected in order to maintain your raiding position.
  • Be on timebe online for invites at 7:45pm unless otherwise advised.
  • Consumablesshould be supplied by each raider. Please have enough food, flasks, pots, gold and runes for progression. Cauldrons will be provided, but please have spares. Feasts and augment runes will be provided for ‘near kill’ progression.
  • Repairswill be done at select intervals throughout the raid, please come repaired to raid. A generous repair allowance is available for raiders who have passed trial.
  • Being Preparedfor the fight if you are online to raid. Going over mechanics takes up time and it’s extremely boring for the rest of the team who have bothered to research a fight. If you do not know the mechanics for the encounter you are letting the team down and will not be considered for future progression.
  • Positive AttitudeYou're playing a game with a team of 20-30 members all working really hard towards a difficult goal. Moods are contagious and can seriously damage prog, so I suggest if you can’t say anything nice, say nothing at all rather than hinder progression.
  • There is no I in teamWe are a team and therefore our successes and failures are shared. If you do not care about the greater good of the raid team, then simply, this isn’t the right guild for you.
  • Do not PUG the current raidon your main toon if the guild is raiding during the current week. Heroic and normal loot locks affect the whole raid by offering less chance at loot and mythic locks are ID specific. If you would like to practice the fights, use an ALT toon to do so in your own time.
  • BIS Gems and Enchantsshould be used by raiders where possible.
During Raid
  • One 5 minute breakwill occur during raid at minimum. Do not to AFK unless it is completely vital (i.e. small child has a knife, you’re about to pee your pants, or house is on fire) we only have 2 raid nights and you waste everyone's time by akfing.
  • Keep discord clearfor the raid leaders and raid communication. If you don’t have anything useful to say then please keep discord clear. If you have something to share please present it as concisely as possible. If you are asked to stop talking, it’s not because we don’t care about what you have to say it’s because discussion time is for outside raid time.
  • For strategy suggestionswe encourage everyone to discuss boss strats on the forums ahead of time. As noted above, if you have something critical to share, please present it as concisely as possible. Raid time is not discussion time.
  • Logs are monitored throughout the raidlive logs, death logs, in game logs and wooden logs (for snakes and spiders). Trying to hide things (e.g. mistakes or a poor connection) which could be hurting prog is ill advised. On the reverse, don’t post meters unless you are asked. If there is something going wrong that you think no one is noticing let us know, but make it constructive! Keep in mind that sometimes small problems are not at the top of the to do list when the raid as a whole is making a larger number of mistakes.
  • Individual responsibility is expected from every raiderwhich means you ensure that you are:
    • Aware of your own role in the raid.
    • Invited to the group at the start of the night (pst inv, 123 or invite to someone with assist).
    • In the raid group before 11pm EP.
    • Making yourself heard if there is something important you have to say. There is a lot going on during raid time and if your PST goes unnoticed, then say something in discord.
  • The strongest line-upwill be taken to progression bosses. Careful consideration goes into the line-up for each boss. If you haven’t been taken to a specific progression boss there could be a number of reasons, including:
    • Sub-optimal class for a specific encounter
    • Better choice available for specific encounter
    • Lower performance on mechanics handling/survivability
    • Lower DPS performance for class

    We may inadvertently sit someone more frequently if there are a number of raiders at the same skill/performance level and none are optimal choices for an encounter. Please speak to an officer if you feel this is the case and we will take steps to explain our choices or remediate the situation.

Loot Distribution April 18th, 2017

For fair distribution of loot across a large raid team, we use a combination of the EPGP loot system and loot council for critical pieces (currently tier, relics and trinkets).

Effort Points (EP) / Gear Points (GP) = Priority Rating(PR)

Loot is managed and awarded using the following add-ons:

NB: The EPGP rules will be applied in a black and white fashion (i.e. no grey areas, no special treatment for exceptional circumstances) to keep the system as fair as possible.

EP is awarded for raiding attendance:
  • Start of raid250 EP at 8pm for all raiders (even if on standby) who are online and ready for at 8pm.
  • End of raid250 EP at 11pm (unless ended early by the raid leader) for all raiders (even if on standby) who have been available for the entire night.
GP is charged based on loot received (in order of priority roll):
  1. BIS (full price for major, 35% of full price for minor)
  2. Major (full price)
  3. Minor (35% full price)
  4. Offspec/Reroll (free)
  5. Transmog (free)

NB: GP is charged for items which are awarded though council.

Key Points of the system:
  • Players who receive standby EP are expected to be available to raid for the duration of the evening otherwise they will not receive the relevant chunk of EP.
  • PR for loot distribution is calculated based on EP divided by GP.
  • The amount of GP an item is worth is determined by EPGPLootmaster. Loot will be distributed to these categories in order, taking into account PR order (or roll order if offspec/xmog).
  • EP and GP will decay by 10% at the end of the raid week (across all players regardless of attendance).
  • EP/GP will decay by a larger chunk at the start of each tier (i.e. 75% to 90%).
  • New raiders will start with 1 EP / 2421 GP which means a PR of 1 at the end of the trial period. This is put in place to so as not to disadvantage existing raiders and keep PR more even across the board.
  • New toons for established raiders (toon switches) start with 1960 EP / 1960 GP = PR 1.
  • A chance to reroll a token for possible Warforged/socket is charged at offspec (free to the highest roller).
Which option do I roll?
  • BISThe BIS roll should be used for any items which are on a players BIS list. If this item is an upgrade for a player, but is not on their BIS list, they should roll Major or Minor (whichever is appropriate).
  • Majorfor anything which is 15 item levels or greater will be considered a Major upgrade. Please note a socket is counted as 10 item levels.
  • Minorfor anything which is less than a 15 item levels (including sockets) will be considered a Minor upgrade.
  • Offspec/Rerollfor anything which is a player’s offspec or a chance to reroll a token for possible warforged/socket. Offspecs which are utilised by the raid will be geared first.
  • Transmogfor anything that you just like the look of, has lowest priority.
Why do we use loot council?

EPGP alone own can only do so much with loot. Loot council is a way to ensure that key pieces with the most throughput yield are going where they need to. The person with the highest PR will not always be one who will most utilise a piece of loot.

Loot council on it’s own is a time consuming process and it is simply not necessary to use this system for all items. A combination of EPGP and loot council for key pieces allows loot distribution to be fast and fair. EPGP ensures that a player is awarded items based on PR and loot council ensures critical pieces are going where they are needed.

The loot council reserves the right to award any item though the council which they deem appropriate (outside tier, trinkets and relics).

How do you know what my BIS list is?

Players predetermine their own BIS list using the Best in Slot addon. This allows players to choose their own build/spec. The loot council will maintain some knowledge about which pieces are more valuable for each class and will ask questions where appropriate.

What about off-night raids?

We currently use personal loot or group loot for off night raids. Group loot works on an honesty system with a set of guiding principles:

  • Need roll – to be used for mainspec upgrades.
  • Greed roll – to be used for offspec upgrades or class token rerolls/chance at WF/socket or transmog.
  • Pass – for all other loot, do not roll disenchant.
  • Disenchant roll – do not use this, all unwanted loot will be greeded by an enchanter and DEed at the end of the night. These mats will go to the guild bank. This is to prevent issues with change of mind on drops.
  • Do not Equip gear/roll tokens immediately – Main raiders have priority on mainspec loot (or highly needed offspec loot) and you may be asked to trade an item despite having won the roll to benefit the raid team